Life coaching came to me while I started my career as a physical wellness coach. As I was working with my clients, it soon became very clear to me that they were bringing more than their bodies into the sessions. I realized that if I really wanted to help them change their lives, I would need to work with who they are.

Allowing room for my clients to be who they are created a transforming turning-point, both in their progress and in my approach, which brought amazing results in all aspects of my clients’ lives and enriched my satisfaction with the impact of my work.

I spent the next few years learning all that I could by taking classes in different approaches to life coaching, and psychology. Including Brené Brown, Deepak Chopra, Kristin Neff, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and others.

I expanded my education through extensive reading and literature, bringing all my newly-gained knowledge to the sessions with my clients.

The amazing changes I got to see in my clients was inspiring, and seeing them become what they wanted to be, facing their challenges, courageously daring and achieving wonderful results both physically and in their personal life, was thrilling and exciting.

I used the tools I’ve learned in my own life, and slowly got to see my life changing into new and magnificent ways I never thought possible.

I love what I do, and being able to bring it to you is my triumph over my own self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.
It’s been years in the making, and here I am making my own impossible dream come true.

Are you ready to take the step to make it happen?…

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