​We all have thoughts, lots of thoughts.

All day long our brain is thinking, jumping from one thought to another, lingering on others.

Most of the time we're not aware of our thoughts, they just seem to have a mind of their own, swirling in our heads making invisible neurons connections in our brain, creating new thoughts… or connecting to old thoughts and attaching to them… Telling ourselves stories inside our brains about ourselves, about others, about the world.

We tell ourselves stories about the past, and about the future. Running scenarios of how it could have been or what we think it will be...

We fill our brains with these stories - and those stories become our beliefs.

Even when we think we're not thinking, we're thinking. We can’t help it.

In the meditation world they call it 'Monkey mind' - a Buddhist term which describes the persistent churn of thoughts in the undisciplined mind.

But most of us have more than 'one' monkey in our minds, our minds have a herd of other monkeys representing all the other people in our thoughts inside our heads - It's a jungle! And sometime that jungle in our heads becomes quite a stormy weather of a jungle.

Meditation is not about stopping our thoughts. 'emptying our minds' is an impossible task.

Meditation is not Sitting chanting "OM' for an hour.

Meditation is about becoming aware, experiencing, noticing, feeling, observing - It's about you connecting with you.

There are many types of meditations. Some are still, Some are with movement. Some are silent, some are with a mantra. There are meditations with music, and with guiding words - There are many ways of meditating.

Meditation can be one breath of awareness, or an hour of scanning our bodies.

Together we will explore the variety and places that meditation has to offer.

We will slowly and gently work towards what resonates best with you and expand on the things that come up for you through your own meditation experience.

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