Milestones of Courage

Milestones  of  Courage

I started the year with the intention of having more courage in my life and invited you to take the symbolic act of courage by joining me at the Polar Bare plunge on New Years day in Coney Island NYC.

What a Fun Wonderful Cold and Exhilarating experience it was!

I want to Thank you to all who participated in the experience with me here and around the world.Thank you also to all of you who supported and encouraged me.I had so much fun, I might do this again next year


After taking my first courageous plunge into the new year, I started to explore the different menings of courage.

What makes courage courageous?

What kinds of different courage aspects does courage have?

These, and many more questions, observations and insights arose in my awareness and I want to share them all with you.

I want to hear and read your thoughts, experiences, insights and personal stories of your own courageous places you have or are stepping into in your life.


In my own courageous challenge for myself, I have decided to create a podcast series where I will invite people to talk about courage from different perspectives and different experiences.Please watch the video below and join me in the discussion and exploration of courage.Let's encourage each other to be more outrageously

courageous in our lives.

Please join on face book and here in the comments section and let's dive into our exploration of courage and encourage each other to live an outrageous courageous life.

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