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I believe in you
​you are ready to break free of the limiting thought patterns and emotional habits that have been holding you back. It's time to start enjoying the magnificent freedom of living a life you desire.

As your coach, I am the voice of encouragement as well as the voice of the mirror. I am honest and compassionate holding your hand in understanding of your challenges, cheering you on and pushing you forward—because I know that you can reach higher than you ever thought possible.

​you want you to become the best that you want and can be, living your life true to yourself and who you really are, authentic and free from restrictions and limitations. 

It’s hard to do it alone, it’s hard to face our fears, our limiting beliefs and regrets about our past. I know, because I tried it that way only to find that having outside support and encouragement makes for a better experience, provides more support, encouragement and a quicker transformation into a better way of living our lives.

​What if you could find ​more happiness and peace in ​yourr lives and the courage to change and become who ​you want to become, creating the life ​you desire—it’s my passion.

I have, and still am, carving my own true, free, authentic fulfilled life. ​So much is possible because I’ve been practicing changing my life into one in which I enjoy waking up in the morning, where I’m daring and I explore and find excitement in the unknown that is the future, while embracing the imperfect present.

I live and practice what I teach, because I see every day in my life as well as in my clients’ lives the wonderful changes and joy that are possible when wishes coming true.


 Let's Make It Happen - I’m excited to start working with you.

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Lian Allweis is Amazing! She was able to help me make some awesome discoveries, changed my perspective on lots and help get me on track! I am so happy that I was able to connect with her!

Danielle Ralston ,

Lian is insightful, inspirational and uplifting. Her approach is challenging yet gentle and fun. She helped me change my thinking about what is possible.
She encourages you to move a bit out of your comfort zone. because that's where the growth is..
Its your life after all.
I may not know what you are looking for in a life coach. And maybe you don't either, you just know life is just not working for you. Call Lian and see an authentic, caring coach who wants you to be your best self "

Greg Beutler ,