I want you to know how meaningful it has been to work with you during what has been a very challenging period of my life. You helped me find my strength and see things in new ways. You have truly had a remarkable impact on my life. I feel blessed.


Lian is one of those rarest of coaches… deeply creative in her unique approach and able to see the big picture of your goals as they apply to your life goals. She finds the best ways to motivate you—she is focused not just on short term goals but larger goals that change you in a deeply life altering way. She is patient yet never lets you get away with doing less than what you are truly capable of. She brings out all the best in a person.

Lian is always focused on my needs for the entire session and understanding of my individual needs. Her knowledge and insights are impeccable!! During the past 18 months I have never felt better, stronger, and empowered – with Lian’s guidance and program I am accomplishing all of my goals. I have finally found a coach for life!!!!
D. (Cancer Survivor)

Lian pushed me to achieve more than I ever thought possible… she works with the whole person, and has helped me to respect myself more and to see progress even when I get discouraged. Thanks to her, I’m in better place in my life now than I have ever been.

Working with Lian I’ve been able to successfully address many issues, including some that I actually couldn’t with my therapist. I’d gotten quite good at avoiding visceral issues like body image, and fear of challenging myself. Lian was alert to spot clues like change of mood and sudden resistance. At those times, she kept me from running away and helped me work on those issues that were still a big part of me, holding me back.”

Without Lian I would have given months ago! I gained strength and confidence! I was, overweight, and had health problems and low self-esteem. Lian’s unique approach created a program that I could deal with –psychologically and physically. She pushed me to achieve more than I ever thought possible. She made sure I felt comfortable with the steps I was taking. I’m feeling and looking better than I ever have (lost 35 ponds!)! As a neuroscientist, it was wonderful that she was able backs up her plans and explanations with current research and always very willing to discuss with me the neurophysiology’s aspects of her work… She really does work with the whole person Lian really is a star!!!

What Lian brings to a session is both a schooled and intuitive understanding of what each person and their individual needs are. For me–a sexagenarian–she has been absolutely terrific.
(Woman professional, 64 years old)

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